USCIS has announced a range of benefits that may be available to Japanese nationals following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Those who are here on Visa Waiver, which requires departure within 90 days, may visit a local USCIS office (see USCIS Office Locator) for help in remaining longer. Those who are at US airports may visit the office of US Customs and Border Protection there. USCIS will approve changes of status and extensions that might not otherwise be approvable due to untimely filing or failure to maintain status. USCIS will also renew grants of parole, expedite applications for travel documents, expedite and approve applications for student employment authorization based on hardship and other employment authorization applications, and expedite processing of immediate relative petitions. USCIS will also coordinate with the State Department to help Japanese nationals who are permanent residents of the US and are stranded overseas without immigration documents.