A draft of President Trump’s Executive Order banning Muslims and Refugees has surfaced.  While the final Order may be different, we expect most of what is in the draft to remain.  The draft Order provides for:

  • 120-day suspension and “realignment” of the refugee admissions program to determine what additional procedures are necessary to ensure the security and welfare of the United States
  • Indefinite suspension of the Syrian refugee program
  • 30-day suspension of visa issuance to nationals of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen
  • 30-day suspension of “other” immigration benefits for nationals of those countries

We do not yet know how the Order will affect those already in possession of green cards and valid nonimmigrant visas (whether they are in the United States or abroad).  We also do not yet know how the Order will affect individuals who were born in one of those countries but who currently hold passports of other countries. For these reasons, travel abroad by these individuals may be risky until further clarifications are available. It shall also be noted that the President can extend any of the above time periods

Please check back for updates.