The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that because the conditions in Nepal no longer support its designation for Temporary Protected Status (TPS), the designation set to expire on July 24, 2018, will now terminate on June 24, 2019.  TPS allows qualifying persons inside the United States to remain and work lawfully in the United States until conditions in their home countries improve following civil war, natural disaster or similar extraordinary situations.  The final year of designation gives those unable to acquire another legal status time to prepare to depart the United States by the TPS termination date.

Nationals of Nepal holding TPS status have until July 23, 2018, to re-register to extend their status through the designation end date of June 24, 2019.   Employment authorization documents held by qualifying individuals already set to expire on June 24, 2018, are automatically extended through December 21, 2018, providing applicants time to apply for new employment authorization documents valid through the termination date. Employers can rely on the Federal Register notice for I-9 employment verification and re-verification purposes, which can be found here.