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The Visa Bulletin is released monthly by the Department of State and is used to determine when a sponsored foreign national can submit the final step of the green card process, or if already pending, when the final step can be adjudicated.

Below is a summary of the June Visa Bulletin, including Final Action Dates and changes (or not) from the previous month.

India:  No movement—for now.  EB-1 stalls at February 1, 2022, and EB-2 at January 1, 2011.  EB-3 and EB-3 Other Workers hold at June 15, 2012, but brace for EB-3 to retrogress as soon as July.  See NOTE 1 below.

China:  No movement, except EB-3 Other Workers, which advances 4.5 months to September 1, 2015.  EB-1 stalls at February 1, 2022; EB-2 at June 8, 2019; and EB-3 at April 1, 2019.

All Other Countries:  No movement, full stop.  EB-1 remains current, EB-2 holds at February 15, 2022; EB-3 at June 1, 2022; and EB-3 Other Workers at January 1, 2020.

NOTE 1:      The June Visa Bulletin reports:  “Steady number use and high demand in the EB-3 category for India will most likely necessitate retrogression of the EB-3 final action date for India as early as next month ….”  This adds to the anticipated retrogression reported last month for EB-1 and EB-2 India and for EB-1 China.

NOTE 2:      USCIS will accept I-485 applications in June based on the State Department’s Final Action Dates chart, not the more favorable Dates for Filing chart.