U.S. Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”), which controls admission of travelers to the United States, maintains more than 70 “Deferred Inspection” offices where travelers may request correction of  I-94 Arrival Records they believe were issued incorrectly.

Until recently, travelers were required to appear in person at a Deferred Inspection site, with their original documents, in order to request that an I-94 be corrected. CBP has updated its Deferred Inspections Sites list to include email addresses for I-94 correction requests at the following nine Deferred Inspection offices:

1. Boston:  cbp.boston.i94@cbp.dhs.gov
2. Charlotte:  i94request-clt@cbp.dhs.gov
3. Chicago:  i94chi@cbp.dhs.gov
4. Houston:  cbphoui94@cbp.dhs.gov
5. Miami:  cbpmiai94@cbp.dhs.gov
6. Milwaukee:  i94mil@cbp.dhs.gov
7. Orlando:  orlandoi-94team@cbp.dhs.gov
8. Seattle:  i94.correction.seattle@cbp.dhs.gov
9. St. Paul:  i94msp@cbp.dhs.gov

In connection with a pilot program, announced in January 2015,  at the Houston Deferred Inspection Site, CBP provided specific instructions for using these email addresses, including what documents should be attached.  CBP also specified that only travelers who entered at these locations or were currently located within the area served by that Deferred Inspection Office, were eligible to request I 94 corrections via email.

It is not currently known whether CBP intends to expand the email I-94 correction program to other sites or continue the program past the January 2016 end date specified in the announcement.  Please watch our blog for updates.